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System Documentation

This chapter of WikiPendium describes Atari software systems. How they are built, how they works, how to use them or interface with them as a programmer.

By 'Atari System', we mean all products related to the TOS operating system or its direct evolutions: Atari softwares MetaDOS, MultiTOS?, and third party softwares MiNT, Geneva?, MagiC?, oAESis?, XaAES.

Other third party system extensions, like TCP/IP stacks, only offer specific new features to the underlying system. These are not documented here, but in the SystemExtensionsDocumentation.

To know more about how to use the Atari Systems, have a look at the HigherLevelProgrammingReference and the LowerLevelProgrammingReference.

Introduction: TosDesign

Lower level TOS

Higher level TOS

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