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MetaDOS is a system extension that allows TOS to support non-native block devices (like CDroms) and non-native file systems (like long filenames). MetaDOS has two major clones which are BetaDOS by Ulf Ronald Andersson and ExtenDOS by Anodyne Software. As of MiNT release, MetaDOS is deprecated in favor of MiNT extended filesystem interface (working with .XFS drivers). The last known MetaDOS version is v2.74, freely released by Atari in 1997.

From the user point of view, MetaDOS is just a .PRG program file that comes with its .BOS and .DOS drivers. All these files are to be copied in the AUTO? folder so that MetaDOS can be launched at startup. It is as simple as that.

From the programmer point of view, MetaDOS is a block device API? that accepts plugable block device drivers (.BOS files) and filesystems drivers (.DOS files). The MetadosFunctionReference only documents the block device functions because access to the filesystem is done through the use of standard GEMDOS filesystem functions. The MetaDOS API? is deprecated in favor of MiNT device driver functions, so when available, you should use Fcntl() and other standard GEMDOS filesystem functions.
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