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(MiNT is Now TOS)

MiNT is a TOS-based Operating System which now has Posix (interwiki) capabilities, thus MiNT is also a real multi-tasking Unix-like Operating System.

MiNT kernel system calls

In The Beginning

MiNT was originally released by a Canadian programmer named Eric Smith, in 1990, as "MiNT is Not TOS" (a play on "GNU's Not Unix"). With Allan Pratt contributing to Eric's project, adding Atari TT support, Atari Corporation ended up using MiNT in combination with AES 4.0 to create a fully multi-tasking Operating System, called MultiTOS?. Eric went on to take up the raines of MultiTOS? in the final days before its release.

Present Day

The current incarnation of MiNT is being actively developed as the open source project FreeMiNT. The current maintainer (2010), Alan Hourihane, provides kernel releases compiled from the projects CVS repositiory. FreeMiNT is a modern MiNT kernel combined with (the optional) AES replacement, XaAES.

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