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GemDos Time & Date Functions

GemDos provides four functions for the manipulation of time. Tsetdate() and Tsettime() set the date and time respectively. Tgetdate() and Tgettime() get the date and time respectively.

As of TOS 1.02, the GemDos time functions also update the BIOS time.

Function Opcode Description
Talarm()? 288 (0x120) Reads/sets a process alarm for the current process.
Tgetdate() 42 (0x2A) Returns the current GemDos date.
Tgettime() 44 (0x2C) Returns the GemDos system time.
Tsetdate() 43 (0x2B) Sets the current GemDos date.
Tsettime() 45 (0x2D) Sets the current GemDos time.

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