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GemDos Function Reference

We present bellow a categorized alphabetical list of all available GemDos functions.

Not all functions are present in all GemDos versions, and more than that, most functions have been introduced by MiNT, which means that they are not available is previous TOS versions. Availability is detailed further in each function details.

GemDos Character streams functions

Function Opcode Description Since
Cauxin() 3 (0x03) Waits for the next available data byte from GemDOS handle 2 (normally device 'aux:') and when available, returns it in the low byte of the returned WORD. GemDOS 0.11
Cauxis() 18 (0x12) Indicates whether GemDOS handle 2 (normally device 'aux:') has at least one character waiting. GemDOS 0.11
Cauxos() 19 (0x13) Indicated whether GemDOS handle 2 (normally device 'aux:') is ready to receive characters. GemDOS 0.11
Cauxout() 4 (0x04) Outputs a character to GemDOS handle 2, normally the 'aux:' device. GemDOS 0.11
Cconin() 1 (0x01) Reads a character (waiting until one is available) from GemDOS handle 0 (normally 'con:'). GemDOS 0.11
Cconis() 11 (0x0B) Verifies that a character is waiting to be read from GemDOS handle 0 (normally 'con:'). GemDOS 0.11
Cconos() 16 (0x10) Checks to see whether a character may be output to GemDOS handle 1 (normally 'con:'). GemDOS 0.11
Cconout() 2 (0x02) Outputs one character via GemDOS handle 1 (normally 'con:'). GemDOS 0.11
Cconrs() 10 (0x0A) Reads a string from the standard input stream (GemDOS handle 0) and echoes it to the standard output stream (GemDOS handle 1). GemDOS 0.11
Cconws() 9 (0x09) Writes a string to GemDOS handle 1 (normally 'con:'). GemDOS 0.11
Cnecin() 8 (0x08) Is the same as Cconin(), except that the character fetched from the input stream is not echoed. GemDOS 0.11
Cprnos() 17 (0x11) Returns the status of GemDOS handle 3 (normally 'prn:'). GemDOS 0.11
Cprnout() 5 (0x05) Sends one character to GemDOS handle 3 (normally 'prn:'). GemDOS 0.11
Crawcin() 7 (0x07) Is similar to Cconout(), however it does not process any special keys and does not echo the inputted character. GemDOS 0.11
Crawio() 6 (0x06) Combines console input and output in one function. GemDOS 0.11

File system (Disk) functions

File system functions

Memory management functions

Process functions

System functions

Time functions

Function Opcode Description
Talarm()? 288 (0x120) Reads/sets a process alarm for the current process.
Tgetdate() 42 (0x2A) Returns the current GemDos date.
Tgettime() 44 (0x2C) Returns the GemDos system time.
Tsetdate() 43 (0x2B) Sets the current GemDos date.
Tsettime() 45 (0x2D) Sets the current GemDos time.

Other functions

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