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Was originally based on TOS 4.04 used in Atari Falcons, adapted for 68060 processors, and now extended to allow PCI devices, being re-numbered as TOS 7. It still remains 100% TOS 4.04 compatible, but contains quite a few XBIOS extensions for media like, video, audio, and PCI.

Falcon 030 with CT60 and CT63 68060 processor boards, and optional CTPCI, all from French company CENTEK, designed by Rodolphe Czuba, use TOS 7.08.

This TOS 7.0x was the basis for the new (ACP) ColdFire based Atari clone, that was officially named the FireBee, with the addition of 68060 instruction trapping, which is how it got its official name, FireTOS.

FireTOS runs on the following hardware:

FireTOS is maintained and developed by Didier Méquignon. The sources may become available again after FireBee development has settled down. The current version of FireTOS (since gaining its name) is 1.01 dated 27 July 2011 (although there is unofficially a newer version available for the FireBee). FireTOS can be configure (NVRAM) with the CT60 configuration CPX (Control Panel eXtension), and can use the program FLASH060 as the CT6x/CTPCI does.

FireTOS currently contains bare bones FVDI (no TTF support, can load external FVDI), XHDI and SCSIDRV, and IDE emulation. It can also redirect VDI calls direct to PCI graphics card (OpenGL?), bypassing FVDI. FireTOS copies TOS 4.04 into SDRAM, patches it, then it write protected by the PMMU (all at boot time). TOS 4.04 is near the begining of flash, this help with alleviate licencing issues with the PCI drivers (which are under GPL). The boot code is pre-configured (with or without Super VIDEL) to allow PCI access to 1Gb, before PCI drivers are patched in.

Automatic detection of monitors connected to Radeon PCI graphics cards, the selection is possible with the CT60 configuration CPX and monitor layout (MON.1,MON.2) :
DEFAULT (automatic default choice of the TOS)


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