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The official name of the revitalized ACP (Atari ColdFire Project).

The ACP seeks to develop a modern Atari clone, now known as the FireBee, to be fully compatible with the Falcon, based on the 266MHz ColdFire v4e CPU and FPGA package, the same one that is supplied on the v4e prototype boards from Freescale.

Current the FireBee can boot up in 68060 mode with FireTOS, similar to the 68060 of the CT63 (the CT6x BIOS has been adapted to CF with incompatible instructions being traped). Or it may be boot up in v4e (native ColdFire) mode, with EmuTOS, where natively compiled binaries will run, and the use of a 68000 emulator per program for regular ST binaries with the modified extension .68K (instead of .PRG etc).

In 2012, after at least 3 years of hard work and combined effort, the FireBee began shipping to customers will to test and use the almost finished product, some with the new boxes, some with a passive PCI backplane.

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