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Following is some presentation of our own software that are also available for download. You can also consult a list of the projects that we are still working on or that we'd like to work on some day.

(2001-08-27) New: Animator is updated!
Well, many bugs are still here but we are working hard on them. Thanks for beta testing!

(2001-08-21) Animator is updated

(2001-08-08) Last Animator update is available
A new version of QuickTime Parser (v1.4) is ready. Available soon.

(2001-03-21) Animator is at last released!

Our products

Animator the son of AVI-Player. The goals of this project are to provide better performances, better adaptation to the hardware, more features, easyer extension system and support more file formats. Gasp! As you can see, this is an ambitious project! We decided to start coding it because we felt that AVI-Player had little success whereas Aniplayer and Mplayer were becoming real stars in matters of video replay, though our player was one of the very first to be released in April 1996 and already had intresting features and very good performances since summer 1998. Anyway, the developpement of Avi-Player came to a dead end as we were facing problems due to its design. We had to start a new player from scratch. So, we did it! Well, in fact we started doing it :) since... summer 1998, precisely! The huge new features of Animator are the following:
Animator has been developped for years and is now released! The current version is the 20th beta version and is freely available. If you have any comment, please let us know and drop us a mail.

Here are quickly the main changes of Animator since version 0.20.0:

Animator is freeware.

QuickTime Parser
QuickTime Parser is a tool that lists the content of QuickTime movies headers. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.
Aviplayer is our old Movie player. Aviplayer is freeware.
Assemble Saturn
Assemble Saturn is an assembly compiler for Saturn processors. This software may help people that have an Hewlett Packard calculator and want to code some assembly on it. Instead of writing directly the binary code which is very painfull, you just have to write mnemonics (with comments) using human readable ascii mnemonics. Then you compile with Assemble Saturn on your Atari, download the result on your calculator (using Kermit for example) and test it. The compiler is very effective because exclusively written with 68000 Assembly. It wasn't so easy to design, so Assemble Saturn is shareware.
Mathematic function plotter. Mathari is freeware.
Falcon Tools
Very nice config tool. Exclusive Nemesis frequency switching support. Falcon Tools is freeware.
Allows you to bind many applications to a given file extension. When double-clicking on the files, you chose the launched application with dead keys (shift, alt, control, etc). Executor is freeware.
STFA (Sound Treiber Für Atari) (Sound driver for Atari)
Very effective sound driver for all Atari machines. STFA brings an Xbios API emulation on nearly all atari platforms that can play sounds. It Supports many many different sound hardware, so it's usefull even on Falcon to easily use those hardware as if you had a Falcon. To use the dozens of replay frequencies STFA brings you, you'll just have to access its fully documented public variables. STFA is freeware. You can consult the english documentation here.
Pacifist ST Disk Rebuilder
Makes disks out of *.ST files. Pacifist ST Disk Rebuilder is freeware.
Cook it!
Cook It boosts your Cookie Jar. Cook It is freeware.
Vfill Patch
A small patch to fix the V_fill() VDI routine of original TOS 4.0x in 16 bits video modes. Vfill Patch is freeware.

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