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A suggestion, une idea: just click on one of the following e-mail adresses!

You experienced an horrible bug with one of our software ? Don't wait: tell us now! Please precise your hardware and software configuration.

You would like to help us realizing one of our projects ? Then send us a list of what you can do... If possible, send also a sample of your own products: that would help us in considering your apply, that will surelly be accepted without any problem: some help never hurts!

If you have something we are looking for (Jam 8 in) ? Tell us too!

If you want the Removers' T-Shirt (only two copies in the world!), pins of The Removers, we are sorry, we can't provide such things, just see elsewhere!


Send an E-mail to Seb/the Removers or Stabylo/the Removers

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