the Removers
The removers is a French group of programmers on ATARI computers & compatibles consisting in two members: Stabylo and Seb.
We have made some freewares so far, that are presented somewhere on this site... We are mainly coding using Asembly 680x0 and are specialized in Atari Falcon dedicated software... We would like to thank Sly who designed all graphics of the web site...

Zoom on members:
Seb Stabylo
Sexe Male Male
Birth date 28-Jan-1978 21-Feb-1977
Original group The ONPJF Les Capotes Ecrasées (crushed condoms, ok ok that really was a bad idea for a group name :) )
Activity in the group Programmation (comes up with new ideas) Programmation (good at optimizing 68030 code)
Likes Star Wars
Iron Maiden
Quake, Doom, Counter Strike
Good points Provides Stabylo with motivation? Gets initial aims to reachable ones, provides Seb with motivation.
Small faults Strongly pigheaded, he seldom listen to Stabylo's critics and advices! He picks holes in about everything, he tends to hack around hours long with setups and configuration options of any software

Here is a brief history of the group:

As far as I remember, the group was founded in 1994 when we were coding our first demo screen for ST (We must admit, we took about everything from STmag's articles :-) ), though I already had my Falcon at that time. Stabylo, purchased his in december 1995 at the Atari Application Forum organized by Oxo Concept (remember: there were huge strikes!)

Here is a list of our hardware:

Here is some of our reference documentation:
Mailbox We are still looking for:

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