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You'll first find here a list of projects that we are working on or that we dropped. In fact, we most of the time have lot of ideas but very little time to make something of it. To get something done we have to set priorities so that we release something good in the end. Anyway, it is most of the time difficult to find just some courage or some motivation to go a bit further on a project of high priority. This is the main reason why projects are progressing slowly. If you want us to go a bit faster, you may ask us to go a bit faster, you never know, this may help :)

Partition Wizard
Partition Wizard is the projet for a free GPL clone of Partition Magic by PowerQuest. For a start, the user could only merge and split partitions with data loss. Indeed, that's not very restrictive because most of the time, you can move your data to other partitions before resizing one of them. Partition Wizard would be the first Atari program that would be able to modify locally the partition structure of a hard drive, that is to say it would only erase the partition it is working on. Partitions would also be formated by another program. Then Partition Wizard could be improved to be able to move partitions on the drive without data loss. This algorithm doesn't seem to be very hard and this possibility is very usefull. One of the first constraints would be that Parition Wizard stores modifications to be done in a FIFO and actually does them at the end, when the user asks for it (this possibility only appeared quite late in PowerQuest's software). There is already a preview(1) () of Partition Wizard. The source code is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence. Unfortunately, I (Stabylo) don't have much time for the moment to really go further in that project, because I'm working on Animator. Any help is welcomed!
We got the source GFA source code of Megatizer 3.0 some years ago from a guy who knew Jedi (thanks Hylst!). Then I (Stabylo) tried to have it run on Falcon. Not an easy task. The code is the most messy one I ever saw. About 5000 lines and at least 2000 for the main event loop! There were many ST hacks with interrupts and some (dirty) anti-debugger protections. I tried to clean up the code and added many comments because it really needed some. The interface is now running well on Falcon. You can call Megatizer from any resolution you like without confilct and the file selector is correctly displayed. But you still almost can't do anything but quit (clicking the upper leftmost point of the screen). No preview nor screenshot already available.
I (Stabylo) know some bugs of Mplayer. I already started correcting some (for example, the YUV9 decompression). The point of this projet, would be to bring some new stuff to Mplayer. It would also be possible to speed it up using Animator decompression routines some of which are definitely faster. I started working on that very recently, so there isn't much available yet. Only the modified source code ().
the Xmoon shoot'em up

You problably already played to the Xmoon preview on your Falcon, don't you? If not, I'll just tell you that this was the most promising preview for a shoot'em up on Falcon machines! The only problem is that the project was down for many years and nothing new came after the first preview release.

So we tried to contact the author and accepted to spread the original source code so that someone else can continue to develop the game. So we finally have it! It's now time to start a game project based on Xmoon. Well, interested pepole can join th team: we need graphists musicians and may be some more coders; any help is welcome!

VMSA (2001-11-06)

It was a long time since I last did anything on my Falcon, and I got back on it during last holydays (so you guessed it, Seb's speaking!).

So here is the basic idea: nowadays you have a lot of MSA files here and there and when you want to use them on Atari, it's damn plainful: first have to find a floppy that may be working, then run MSA, then extract the file on the floppy, then pray your floppy is really working...

Honestly, it's every day harder to find a floppy, so I said: It would be pretty cool to have some tool that would directly read the MSA file as if you were accessing you floppy drive... So that was it, VMSA was born!

VMSA means "Virtual MSA disk mounter"; you may find this name quite silly, anyway I didn't found any better one...

So VMSA is still young at the time I'm writing this, but it already works: I managed to read both compressed and uncompressed MSA disk images as if they had been in my A: drive! I now just have to make it a bit more user friendly...

GemRemote (2001-11-06)

So, after I came upon VMSA, I thought about going further in investigating for new ideas! I tell you about it here, don't know if anybody did anything like this... Anyway, if you want to code such a tool, that would be really great!

What I would like to do is controling one of my two Falcons with the keyboard and the mouse of the other one... So that could be a small resident program (a server) that you run on the host to be remote-controled and a client on the controling host...

As soon as you activate the resident, the controled host would recieve all keyboard and mouse events from the network... And when you start the client program, all mouse movements and pressed keys, would be send to the controled host through the network...

So, with such a tool, you wouldn't mess everything up when doing some confusion between th two keyboards, and if you have a really nice mouse on one of your Ataris, you could use it on both without unpluging anything! So, Sting "gurus" are welcomed... (you could even adapt the X11 xremote tool to get a software compatible with GemRemote)

(1) Be careful with LZH archives: Netscape under Windows tends to corrupt them when downloading them.

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