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Contribution Rules

Avoid Copyrighted Materials

To make things short, WikiPendium is a project for a free Atari systems documentation, based on the knowledge once gathered in the Atari Compendium (read about the WikiPendiumName for more details) — This book was indeed one of the most comprehensive kowledge base for Atari 16/32 bits systems... until MagiC? and many system extentions were released.

Then, the solution to royalities is to rebuild a free documentation from scratch. This is a tough goal, that may be achievable when taking advantage of nowadays Internet tools, like Wiki. Indeed, the Wiki tool is really good at helping a community to contribute online.

But one important thing is that you should not copy/paste from the Atari Compendium CDrom! You can use the same C #defines labels, but the goal is to rewrite to be different, which is not that a bad a thing since it includes many small mistakes — due to excessive copy/paste!

General Rules

Presentation Rules

Information Type Font attributes Example Wikini raw sequences Comments
Page titles heading level 6


======Title====== 6 '=' chars
Function's prototype heading level 4

WORD appl_init(VOID)

====WORD appl_init(VOID)==== 4 '=' chars
Function's arguments prototype bold text WORD cmd; **WORD //cmd//;** 2 stars
Function's arguments names itallics cmd //cmd// 2 slashes
Function names (auto) Cconws() Cconws() just end the function name with parenthesis
Program & system variables, structure elements itallics str->elem //str->elem// 2 slashes
Common data types bold capitals WORD, VOID **WORD**, **VOID** 2 stars
OS components bold link GEMDOS **[[GEMDOS]]** 2 stars, 2 brackets
Structures (typedef's) monospaced bold link bos_tocentry_t ##**[[bos_tocentry_t]]**## 2 sharps, 2 stars, 2 brackets
Constants (define's) monospaced bold text PE_LOADGO (0) ##**PE_LOADGO**## (##0##) follow the constant by its value in parenthesis
Assembly instructions monospaced text RST ##RST## when assembly instructions appear in plain text
Memory addresses monospaced text 0x00FF0000 ##0x00FF0000## capitalized hexadecimal, 8 digits, always including leading zeroes
System variables italic monospaced text _p_cookies ##//_p_cookies//## 2 sharps, 2 slashes
Program listings/bindings monospaced frame (unavailable) %%(asm68k)
your_code(goes, here)
available languages are 'asm68k' and 'c'
Keyboard keys underlined Control-C __Control-C__ join with a dash what is strictly written on Atari keyboard keys
Headings heading level 3

See Also

===See Also=== 3 '=' chars

Having said that, I'd really like to thank you for your contributions!
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