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ScreenEye sources!

Wednesday 27 April 2005, by Stabylo

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The ScreenEye board is a fantastic video capture system for the Atari Falcon released arround 1994 [1]. For instance, it was used by Lazer to do their fantastic Lostblub demo that included a lot of beautifully retreated video sequences.

By the Removers, Seb has one ScreenEye, and we have used it to create our pictures in our former presentation page.

When testing it, we noticed that its drivers could have been improved a lot for many things, like better compatibility, less bugs, and may be better speed.

So, what a great news to hear that ScreenEye board driver sources are now available to the community for improvements!

Pink Panther Production Software released them. Thank you guys!


[1] I’m not sure, correct me if I’m wrong

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  • ScreenEye sources! 25 September 2009 21:12, by Stabylo

    Just updated the article to fix the direct link to the ScreenEye page :)

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