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WikiPendium, the Atari knowledge has its repository!

Monday 18 April 2005, by Stabylo

WikiPendium is a project aming at gathering Atari programming knowledge into a wiki where each developer could bring its own experiment results and contribute to make it a good and up-to-date reference.

The new thing about it is that English will now be its main language.

Making a French version looks like it’s far from being a priority, so I translated the first pages I had already written in French about the WikiPendium projet.

The target is now to compile docs into it, write everything in English, and make it’s structure evolve. Translations may be available in the future, but the project has to become somehow popular first.

The perimeter is not yet well defined, but undocumented things should come first and then things that you may find into books but not online. Online stuff may just be pointed at in a first time.

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