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a New version of Animator? is it a joke?

Monday 18 April 2005, by Stabylo

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Incredible, indeed. After nearly 4 years without any new of Animator, a new release is coming forward, code named beta 0.20.5.

This release is for me a way to enjoy some kind of coming back to roots. I don’t really plan to make Animator really evolve; there is no point when you see what Aniplayer does! So the aim is just to publish a more stable version of Animator.

This 0.20.5 version has a very specific history. When digging into my history files, it looks like I had planned to release it at end of october 2001. Private concerns have pulled me onto other tracks.

I was surprised to see that only few things had changed in the code since that time; major bugs had beed identified and fixed; the code had already reached some nice stability. The only difficulty I met is me forgetting what I did when coming back into my sources more than one year later!

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