the Removers


Thursday 7 April 2005, by Stabylo

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nickname Seb Stabylo
Sexe Male Male
Birth date 28-Jan-1978 21-Feb-1977
Activity in real life Student at ENS Lyon Student at ISIA
Original group The ONPJF Les Capotes Ecrasées (crushed condoms, ok ok that really was a bad idea for a group name :))
Activity in the group Programmation (comes up with new ideas) Programmation (good at optimizing 68030 code)
Likes Star Wars, Iron Maiden Quake, Doom, Counter Strike
Good points Provides Stabylo with motivation? Gets initial aims to reachable ones, provides Seb with motivation.
Small faults Strongly pigheaded, he seldom listen to Stabylo’s critics and advices! He picks holes in about everything, he tends to hack around hours long with setups and configuration options of any software
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