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an Ethernet adapter by Elmar Hilgart

Wednesday 20 April 2005, by Stabylo

Elmar Hilgart designed this adapter in 2000 and I was quickly convinced that Ethernet was a major step for my Falcon that really was worth 86 €, so I bought one of the first adapters in summer 2000, maybe even the really first one !

By October 2000, I started to plug my Falcon my university LAN and to experiment various networking tools under TOS.

Performance is quite good, about 50-60 kB/sec for an FTP transfert on on local network (between 520 and 650 kbits/sec). Convenient with CAB, but I find CAB’s "ergonomy" could be better. I use it most of the time with FTP server by Vassilis Papathanassiou. This server is not fully compliant, but working fine though with a quite large number of clients, and it is relyable. I don’t remember having ever experienced any data lost with it.

Today, it’s part of my local network behing my freebox. I still haven’t manage to reach Internet with it (looks like Free’s DNS servers never respond to my Falcon’s requests) but LAN transferts are ok and enough for me at that time.

I use String on TOS 4. The only missing things are an "ergonomic" ping/traceroute client (CPX would be fine) and a DHCP client. It’s getting on my nerves to know that network config could be automatic with DHCP, to know that it’s done with dialer, but not for an ethernet interface.

Just for fun, I also tried to compile my linux kernel from my Falcon with a telnet client. Unfortunately, the telnet clients I tried seems not being compliants with the terminal standart they pretend to be, and the "menuconfig" interface for linux kernel is not properly displayed.

Product info on ROM port Ethernet adapter by Elmar Hilgart

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