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Atari search engines (6)

Ataricentral http://www.ataricentral.com/
DOIT-Archive (Impressive Atari links page!) http://www.doitarchive.de/
Hallvard's Atari-launchpad Atari link site (no more maintainted) http://gem.win.co.nz/hall/
Sub domains list of Atari.org (400+!) http://atari.org/services/subdomains/
Up-to-Date-Liste by Matthias Jaap (last software updates and links) http://www.atariuptodate.de/
UTSI: Ultimate Tos Software Index (Atari links page) http://utsi.atari.org

Personal pages (59)

Andreas Bär (Paral: a debugger under Mint) http://www.franken.de/users/asrael/paral.html
Anthony Jacques (KPP) (Atari programming, Kosmik Phish Productions, STOS) http://www.btinternet.com/~AnthonyJ/
Arnaud Bercegeay (aH! eH! oH! baH! iH!...) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/arnaud.bercegeay/
Boub / Popsy Team (micro fan club of Lyon) http://www.chez.com/boub/
Bygjohn (Magic doc, y2k problems, help) http://www.bygjohn.co.uk/
Cédric Ricard (Studio son, V-Trax, BeOS links...) http://www.chez.com/ricard/
Castanea (3d model of an Atari STe) http://atari.member.free.fr/
Christian Felsch (gcc, qed, gemgs, ...) http://www.tu-harburg.de/~alumnifc/
Clément Benrabah (GEM Mid2Mod, networking config) http://pagesperso-orange.fr/ckb/atari.html
David Reiter (Egale) http://www.david-reitter.com/software/egale.html
Didier Méquignion (Aniplayer) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/didierm/
Dimitri Junker (Dosound_M PC, To_Big, Win_Lnk, In2Cat.dll, PD-Patch, PC- Backup, LIBPunyc ode, SlideImg, DYJ-View, Adresse, Alex, Kiosk, CAT, IN2CAT, Égale 4.2) http://www.dimitri-junker.de/html/software__atari.html
Dirk Hagedorn (UDO, UDO-Shell, various games) http://www.dirk-hagedorn.de/
Elmar Hilgart's homepage (ROM-Port Ethernet Adaptator) http://www.asamnet.de/~hilgarte/
Erik Hälls (MyMail) http://www2.tripnet.se/~erikhall/
Gary Bainbridge (ST-Link [data transfert with Psion]) http://www.cix.co.uk/~bainb/stlink.htm
Gerd Höller alias Hadley B. Jones (Interface, GFA 3.5 Interpreter) http://www.hadley.dusnet.de/
Gilles Barges (QUiNCY, SC55 pilote (midi editor)) http://gbarges.free.fr/
Guillaume Tello (MPlayer) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/gtello/
Home page of Henk Robbers (AHCC, TT-Digger, Emutos for AHCC, XaAES 2002) http://members.chello.nl/h.robbers/
Howard Chu (CAB overlay & SSL overlay for the MintNet network layer) http://www.highlandsun.com/hyc/
Howard Chu (MiNTnet TCP/IP Overlay for Atari CAB, PPP daemon for MiNT) http://highlandsun.com/hyc/
HOWTO install EasyMiNT from scratch on Aranym/AFROS basis, by Arnaud Bercegeay (EasyMiNT on Aranym/AFROS tutorial) http://arnaud.bercegeay.free.fr/ezaramint/
Ingo Schmidt (the Milan help site) http://cip.physik.uni-wuerzburg.de/~ischmidt/
Jo Even Skarstein http://home.nvg.org/~joska/
Jo Vandeweghe (Ultimate TOS software index) http://www.ping.be/~pin10575/JOHOME.HTM
Jos den Bekker (Okami: mail & news reader) http://www.xs4all.nl/~josdb/
Keith's Quickly & Poorly Assembled Atari/MiNT Page (ScummVM, GCC/G++ 4.1.2, Subversion, Maelstrom, OpenTTD 0.5.1) http://www.radix.net/~atari/
Leglod (some STe games) http://leglod.online.fr/ATARI/ATARI.html
Levien van Zon [TmutZ/MALEB/SCUM!] (developper documentation, projects) http://atari.scum.org/
Marc Olivier (Dance music created using Falcon 030) http://www.marcolivier.com/
Marc-Anthon Kehr / massi Soft (EasyMiNT) http://atari.st-katharina-apotheke.de/
Mario Becroft (Hardware products) http://gem.win.co.nz/mb/
Martin Elsässer (ACSpro, Hex-Monitor, GetInfo) http://acspro.atari.org/
Matthias Jaap (HomePage Penguin, Alta Lista) http://www.mypenguin.de/prg/
Microstalgia / Didier Letot (numerised docs) http://letotd.free.fr/
Mr Nours Atari emulation site (ST games !!!) http://emulatari.free.fr/
Oliver Kotschi (deesse sound card) http://home1.t-online.de/home/oliver.kotschi/
Olivier Booklage (CAB.OVL, BOHTTP, NICOLAS, TEXTOS, WebLight, IRCd) http://obooklage.free.fr/Atari/
Olivier Landemarre (LDG, GCCShell, MESA (OpenGL)) http://olivier.landemarre.free.fr/
Patrick Delecluse (AtarIRC Documentation) http://p.delecluse.free.fr/
Philipp Donzé (ArcView, Attribute-Setter, Clicks, DirectorySort, GEM-Qix, GEMJing, HypView, MacAranym, MagiC-Configurator, MemWatch, Patches, TOS.LIB for PureC, RSC-View, Zip and Unzip for TOS) http://www.donzé.ch/atari/
Pierre-e Gougelet (XNviex, Cloe ...) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pierre.g/
Ray/TsCC (demos, wolfenstein 3d port, advanced coding techniques, 3d coding) http://freenet-homepage.de/ray.tscc/
Rodolphe Czuba (CT2, PHENIX 060, DEESSE, CT60) http://www.czuba-tech.com/
Roine Stenberg (Jaguar developpement kit) http://hem.passagen.se/isvar/jaguar_server/jserver.html
Serge Lavayssière (infos, liens, humour...) http://serge.lavayssiere.free.fr/
Simon (How to do IRC on a ST) http://www.geocities.com:80/Paris/7150/
Sporniket (Atari TTF Font "Sporniket Nostalgie") http://www.sporniket-studio.com/
ST Hardware Hacks / Vezz (the hardware hack page, incl. schematics for an ACSI(DMA)-SCSI interface!) http://atari4ever.free.fr/hardware/
ST Survivor's homepage (Undercover Magascene) http://stsurvivor.atari.org/
The Atari Compendium book (HTML version) http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/apple/308/
The Orphaned Projects Page (sources of abandonned projects, wishlist) http://topp.atari-users.net/
The X Web (all Lankhor games) http://www.lankhor.net/
Troy H. Cheek (Atari STuff) http://www.cheek.org/atari/
Uwe Seimet (HD Driver) http://home.nikocity.de/nogfradelt/atari_english.html
Vassilis Papathanassiou (FTP Server, BNeT, MagiCNet, SAMBA client, glueSTiK, Drac_emu) http://users.otenet.gr/~papval/
Vincent Rivičre's port of the m68k-atari-mint tools (binutils, MiNTBin, GCC 4.4.1, MiNTLib, PML [portable math library], GEMlib, GDB, GMP, MPFR, Ncurses) http://vincent.riviere.free.fr/soft/m68k-atari-mint/
Zone Lynx http://jeanphilippe.garin.perso.neuf.fr/

Groups (18)

ATACK brothers (Czech group : aFTP, aMAIL) http://www.atack.cz/atari/
Atari files (specialized in rumours) http://atarifiles.tripod.com
Avena (Java Script demos !) http://www.avena.com
Cerebral Vortex Software Development (Tools, Demos & Jaguar stuff) http://cerebral-vortex.net/
Dead Hackers Society (DHS) http://dhs.atari.org
Defence-Force: Atari Page (the Phaleon demo, the charts) http://www.defence-force.org/computing/atari/
Fatal Design (tons of ST games) http://www.fatal-design.com/desktop/
Lazer http://stud1.tuwien.ac.at/~e9327376/harald.htm
Nature Atari division's homepage (NatFrame, Reeking Rubber - Lotus clone for Falcon030, Aces High, Lands of Fantasy) http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d98gilda/
New Beat Developpement (ACE, FlexTrax, Willie's adventures) http://newbeat.atari.org/
No Crew (MP2-DSP-player) http://www.nocrew.org/
Pink Panther Production (software, utilities, ScreenEye drivers sources) http://www.ppp-software.de/
Reservoir Gods (Maggie, games, demos, coding) http://rg.atari.org/
Sector One (Avi030) http://sectorone.atari.org
Sparemint http://sparemint.atari.org
The Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back Encyclopedia http://dmweb.free.fr/
Unlimited Matrics (ULM : Dark side of the spoon) http://www.cpu.lu/ulm/
yescrew Mint page http://yescrew.atari.org/eng/mint.htm

Dealers (28)

Milan Computer GmbH http://www.milan-computer.de/
A liste of Atari Dealers http://virtual-markets.net/vme/yac/yac_deal.html
Anodyne Software (Extendos Gold, CD Writer) http://www.cyberus.ca/~anodyne/
Apak (Gérard Kani) http://apak.ifrance.com/gauche.htm
Application Systems Heidelberg
Applications Systèmes France
Atari Fachmarkt Peter Denk (German Atari reseller) http://atarifachmarkt.de/
ATARI-dedicated market of Peter Denk (computers, monitors, printers, software) http://www.atari-fachmarkt.de/
ATY Computer (Falcon, Jaguar, ST...) http://www.virtual-markets.net/vme/aty/
B & C ComputerVisions (Atari Sales & Service) http://www.myatari.com/
Behne & Behne (NVDI) http://www.nvdi.de/
Best Electronics http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/
Brainstorm (Assemble, Adebug...) http://www.brainstorm.fr/
Cybčle Maďa Graphique (French importer and translater of Calamus) http://calamus.cybele-maia.net/
Electronic Cow (EC-909, Squash It!, Sound Chip Synth,Charming Chaos, Scribble Synth, SnippitSynth and MIDI Arpeggiator) http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/electronic_cow/cownet.shtml
Hasbro (Atari Copyright owner) http://www.atari.com/
Medusa System http://www.kingx.com/kingx/medusa/
Motorola http://www.motorola.com/
MW ComputerSysteme (Hades related hardware) http://www.mwcomputer.de/
Neon Graphix http://www.neongrafix.com/
New APAK web site, stopped Atari products (Contact Gérard KANY) http://www.apak.com.fr/
ROM logicware (Papyrus) http://www.papyrus.de/
RUN! Software (ergo!pro, faceVALUE, OT/OB-Lib, BASTARD, BUBBLES, CAT's-eye ) http://www.run-software.de/
SoftJee, Emmanuel Jaccard (broken link, company closed in 2001, see http://www.ubix.org/?msg=1,372,1) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/softjee/
Software Hut (Amiga reseller, usefull for 680x0 processors and RAMs) http://www.softhut.com/
SoundPool http://www.soundpool.de/
WB Systemtechnik GmbH (hardware, software, repairs) http://www.wbsystemtechnik.de/atari/
Wizztronics http://www.wizztronics.com/
Woller Systeme (Atari Messe) http://www.woller.com/

Associations (15)

Atari.org http://www.atari.org/
Atari STE homepage (STe-centric site) http://atari-ste.anvil-soft.com/
AtariMania (Atari software database) http://www.atarimania.com/
Europe Shareware (foreign shareware distribution) http://www.europe-shareware.org/
Evolution (promotion and support organism for ATARI compatible machines) http://www.i-france.com/Evolution/
Example codes in GFA-Basic (GFA-Basic is the best BASIC for Atari! ) http://gfa.atari-users.net/archive/
FreeMiNT Portal (programs and utilities for freeMiNT) http://www.freemint.de/
GEMTOS (database on TOS programming) http://gemtos.free.fr/
New TOS World (German community news) http://new.newtosworld.de/
Oficial Atari club of Argentina http://www.galeon.com/mazzatari/
Place2be (info, great news, etc.) http://www.place2be.de/
Tariland Computer Club http://tariland.win.co.nz/
TransAction (ressources and documentations translation) http://transaction.atari.org/
Xtos (new Atari machine project) http://www.xtos.de/
Yolo Atari Club http://virtual-markets.net/vme/yac/

Magazines (19)

ACC (Prométhée association ) http://herakles.online.fr/
ACC (Prométhée association) http://home.worldnet.fr/aspromet/
aLive! http://alive.atari.org/
Atari Computing http://www.ataricomputing.com/
Atari Times http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/polonowski/atimes/
Atos http://www.atos-magazin.de/
Falcon/ST Fanzine http://www.cyberus.ca/~clabelle/fanzine/index.shtml
Falk'mag http://www.multimania.com/falkweb/
Invers http://www.invers.de/invers/
Low Res (atari webzine) http://lowresmag.wordpress.com/
MyAtari magazine (webzine in Engliqh) http://www.myatari.net/
RGCD discmag (The essential diskmag for retro gamers!) http://www.rgcd.co.uk/
St & Co http://www.multimania.com/stetco/
ST Computer / Atari Inside http://www.atari.de/falkeweb/aktausg.shtml
Stimulus http://www.multimania.com/nef/QM/
StraTos http://www.chez.com/stratos
TesTosTérone (French magazine) http://www.multimania.com/monitor/
the ATOS-Archive 1995-1998 http://www.mindrup.de/atos/start.htm
Toxic Mag http://www.chez.com/toxicmag/

Download (9)

A british FTP site ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/atari/
A small ftp ftp://gem.atari.org/pub/
Atari Legend (tons of downloadable old ST games) http://www.atarilegend.com/
Funet FTP site (Finland) ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/atari/
The "Paris 6" college FTP site ftp://ftp.lip6.fr/pub/atari/
The Atari Dungeon (ST games, utils, links...) http://ataridungeon.atari.org
The Belgian FTP site (note: ftp://chapelie.rma.ac.be/atari/ closed in Feb 2007) ftp://kurobox.serveftp.net:3021/
The Berlin university FTP server ftp://ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de/pub/atari/
YAC's download links http://virtual-markets.net/vme/yac/yac_file.html

Atari Web Rings (5)

A list of RTC http://azimut.alegria.fr/page/anu_rtc.htm
Atari WEB ring http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=atari;list
Azimut http://azimut.alegria.fr/
French speaking Atari WEB ring http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=atarifr;list
List of subdomains of atari.org http://www.atari.org/services/dns_list.php3

Jaguar related sites (13)

Alternative Multimedia West Association (jaguar games tests, programmation, statistics) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/atarijaguar/
Atari Gaming Headquarters http://www.atarihq.com
Atari Photos and vapourwares http://www.atari.nu
Jag Dome & Jag Sounds http://jaguar.holyoak.com
Jagopedia (the Jaguar wiki) http://jagopedia.atari.org/
Jaguar Connexion (Jaguar & Lynx) http://mleguludec.free.fr/jc_news.htm
Jaguar Technical Documents http://www.zophar.net/tech/jaguar.html
Jaguar Underground Dox (the Jaguar Underground Documentation) http://www.mulle-kybernetik.com/jagdox/dox.html
Jagware (Coding on Jaguar) http://www.jagware.org
JustClaws (Since 1995) http://www.bowes.co.uk/justclaws/
SCPCD Corp. (Jaguar coding) http://scpcd.free.fr/
SongBird Productions (Jaguar & Lynx games editor and reseller) http://songbird-productions.com/
Starcat Development (Homebrew games) http://www.atari-jaguar64.de/

Divers (11)

Animated GIFs on musik http://perso.club-internet.fr/jgrausse/gif8.html
Association Scoutisme et Collection http://perso.club-internet.fr/scoutcol/
Atari Age (Atari Museum) http://www.atariage.com/
Do a Good WEB page (full of humour) http://www.multimania.com/azerty0/web.html
Examples of incredible C lines http://www-inf.enst.fr/~cottin/bizarre/bizarre.html
HTML introduction http://www.imag.fr/Multimedia/miroirs/manuelhtml/manuelhtml.html
HTML Manual http://fp.planete.net/Publier/
Sébastien Brossier (Anti-Micro$oft Page, Pamela Lee Pictures...) http://www.planetepc.fr/users/sebbross/
Sign some petitions on the WEB ! http://www.lapetition.com/
Tons of animated GIFs to add in your WEB pages http://www.ccpo.odu.edu/~ruett_j/anigifs/index42.html
Vincent page : a good friend http://eleves.mines.u-nancy.fr/~larchet/

Projects (12)

AFROS update http://afros-update.sourceforge.net/
ARAnyM (Atari Running on Any Machine) http://aranym.sourceforge.net/
FreeMiNT CVS commits https://lists.bobek.cz/mailman/listinfo/cz-bobek-lists-mint-cvs
Hatari Emulator (based on WinSTon) http://hatari.sourceforge.net/
Image Runner (VMSA clone ;-)) http://ppera.07x.net/atari/imgrun.php
James Ingram's Atari ST Stuff (Utilities, Ram-disk, Demo-coding tutorial) http://theunknownuser.com/atari/
MiNT list archives http://sparemint.org/mailinglist/Mailing-Lists/MiNT-List.index.html
r0x (STe game by RGCD) http://www.rgcd.co.uk/r0x/
Sparemint developers site http://dev.sparemint.org/
The Unofficial GFA-Basic Support Site (example, docs, specs) http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/html/gfabasic.htm
Ultra Satan (original designer) http://joo.kie.sk/ultrasatan/
Windom (a high level GEM library for TOS system) http://windom.sourceforge.net/

Forums (12)

Atari ST emulators (French forum, games oriented) http://omiquel.lautre.net/forum/list.php?f=1
Dead Hackers Society Atari forums (demoscene, code, CT60) http://bbs.dhs.nu/
English speaking Atari forums (Atari.Org) http://forums.atari.org/
Forums at Atari-Home.de http://forum.atari-home.de/
French Atari forum (fr.comp.sys.atari) http://www.frbox.net/viewforum-5.html
French Atari forum (ST game oriented) http://le-monde-de-l-atari.forumactif.com/
French Atari forum on ST game emulation (EmuNova.net) http://forums.emunova.net/index.php?showforum=26
Friendly French Atari Forum (yaronet.com) http://yaronet.com/forum.php?s=9
General French forum (silicium.org) http://www.silicium.org/forum/
GFA-Basic French forum http://atari.gfa.forum.free.fr/
ST Compil's Atari Forum (ST game oriented) http://www.xjehl.com/atari/phorum/list.php?f=1
Vintage games French forum http://www.grospixels.com/phpBB/

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