Another World

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Pre-release Announcement (December 2012)

The Removers (member of Jagware) and Retro Gaming Connexion (a.k.a. RGC) are proud to announce the upcoming release of the game Another World for Atari Jaguar.

Another World Box preview

The game will be produced in the truest spirit of the original Jaguar releases, in cartridge form, thanks to the Jagtopus technology, with a box and a manual.
In order to fund the project through the various stages of manufacture the game is being offered by pre-order.

This project has been authorized and supported by Eric Chahi, the original author of the game in 1991.

Title Ferrari Beast Code Key Gun

The game engine has been rewritten especially for the Atari Jaguar and makes intensive use of the several processors of the console to:

Enter Code Escape Liane Running Lift Scanning

Some information about the game:

Another World recently entered the MOMA collection.

Get ready to play this pure piece of history on the Atari Jaguar!